Property Survey Types


Our Surveys are designed to give clients peace of mind.


We offer different levels of Inspection and Reporting depending on the property type and your requirements:

Entry Level Survey

‘RICS Condition Report’

This ‘basic’ style of survey is written to a pre-defined template suitable for properties up to 100 years old of conventional construction.  It is in précis and colour-coded form.  It highlights those aspects of the property that are cause for significant concern or that are considered to have a negative effect on the value of the property.  It excludes any inspection of the drains and we only inspect accessible roof voids from the loft hatch.  It does not advise on the appropriate next-steps to help resolve these issues, nor does it include a Market Valuation or Photographs.  This is our cheapest survey type.

Mid-Level Survey Précis Style

‘RICS HomeBuyer Report’

This Survey Report is written to a pre-defined template suitable for properties  up to 150 years old of conventional construction.  It is in précis and colour-coded form.  It centres on issues of significant concern and factors that are considered to have a negative effect on the value of the property.  It is not suitable for properties requiring renovation.  It does include an inspection of accessible drainage manholes and roof voids.

Mid-Level Survey Full-Text Style with Photos

‘Major Defects Survey’

Clearly written in full text, not précis form it is a bespoke Survey Report suitable for nearly all property types built in the last 200 years with over 25 separate headings.  It includes an inspection of accessible manholes and roof voids, together with a photographic appendix illustrating the property in its setting and any significant defects.

A summary of the Report is given at the beginning.  Issues of concern are then discussed and highlighted.  Action lists at the end of the report summarise the following points:

  • Enquiries that we recommend your legal adviser investigates
  • Urgent matters to be dealt with, some of which may require further investigation
  • Maintenance matters over and above those considered to form part of normal routine maintenance for the type of house inspected.

Comprehensive Survey

‘A Building Survey’

This type of Inspection and Report is usually chosen by those requiring a greater degree of analysis and reporting.  It is suitable for all types of property of any age or style, but most often chosen for complex conversions, listed buildings, properties of unusual or historic style of construction, or properties built prior to the 1800s. 

A stitch in time…

Some faults are relatively simple to resolve.  But if you are unaware of them, they can cause major structural defects or other problems.  A Property Survey will advise you on these and other issues, and the potential consequences of inaction.

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